The judging of the Miss TEEN Ontario East pageant is compiled of a panel of volunteer judges. All judges have pageant experience, either as a judge or as a contestant or they have a strong charity and/or public relations background. All judges are completely IMPARTIAL to all delegates. Under no circumstances will a judge be allowed to participate if they have any association to a delegate vying for the title of Miss Teen Ontario East.

Judging of the Miss Teen Ontario East Pageant is done solely by the judging panel. The organizing committee has no input into the judging during pageant weekend with the exception of the Lindsay Norton Memorial Award which has input for everyone associated with the pageant.

The judging format is a SCORING system whereby each judging category is given a weighting factor. Each category is scored independently by each judge and a score out of 100 is recorded by each judge. The scores are submitted to the Official Pageant Accountants who then apply the weighting factor and the overall category score is determined. The category scores are added up by the Accountants and the delegate receives a final score out of 100. The top 3 delegates are determined by the summation of the categories. All results are kept completely confidential and are known by the Pageant Accounts only until they are announced during the Pageant production.

The following categories and associated weighting factors combine to determine the Consolidated Delegate score:

Delegate's Bio submission {10%}
Photogenic {5%}
Talent {5%}
Evening Wear {15%}
Interview {25%}
Impromptu Question {10%}
Pageant Presentation {10%}
Lindsay Norton Memorial Award {20%}

A detailed description of each category is outlined in the Official Delegate's package that will be forwarded to each delegate after the Application form has been received.